Engines Available

194.4 c.i. 6; L61 230 c.i. 6 
265 c.i. V8; 283 c.i. V8 
L77 283 c.i. V8; L30 327 c.i. V8 
L79 327 c.i. V8;
Z-16 (L37 Turbo-Jet) 396 c.i. V8.

Transmissions Available

M20 Muncie wide-ratio four speed 
M35 two speed Powerglide auto

Other Options Available

Power Steering; power brakes; power windows; air-conditioning; tinted glass; rear window defroster; heater and defroster deleates.

Z-16 Speacial Features

A47 rear seat belts; 
A49 front seat belts; 
B70 instrument panel pad; 
N40 hydraulic steering; 
U16 tachometer; 
U69/U79 stereo adapter; 
Z13 remote control outer mirror; 
15:1 steering ratio; 
Strengthened ball stud joints 
Tires widend by 1"; 
Heavy duty convertable frame; 
Heavy duty suspension system; 
11" brakes 
Larger rear sway bar; 
12 bolt rear end; 
Heavy duty rear control arms;

Engine Specifications

194.4 c.i. 6
8.5:1 compression ratio 
Hydraulic lifters 
1 barrel Rochester carb 
120 Horsepower at 4400 RPM 


L61 230 c.i. 6
8.5:1 compression ratio 
Hydraulic lifters
1 barrel Rochester carb
155 Horsepower at 4400 RPM.


265 c.i. V8/
283 c.i. V8;
195 Horsepower  


L77 283 c.i. V8;
220 Horsepower


L30 327 c.i. V8;
10.5:1 compression ratio 
250 Horsepower


L79 327 c.i. V8;
10.5:1 compression ratio 
300 Horsepower


Z-16 (L37 Turbo-Jet)
396 c.i. V8;
4 bolt main cylinder block 
4.094" bore 
3.76" stroke
Forged steel fabricated crankshaft    11.0:1 compression ratio 
Hydraulic camshaft
w/ radical timing 
342 degrees of intake duration 
346 degreese of exhaust duration 
Aluminum intake manifold 
4 barrel carb 
420 lb.-feet of tourqe 
375 Horsepower 
At 3,600 RPM 
Only 201 built 
Cost: $1,501.05